I was following this thread because I'm a college student studying physics, and taking notes in LaTeX format is really important for me, when I saw that I could use LaTeX in EN (Evernote) by just installing LaTeXiT, and then doing these commands:

highlight the text, right-click it, go to services, and click on "Typeset LaTeX text".

I have some experience programming in some languages and using the terminal on Mac, and I thought it would be a simple and rewarding exercise to create something that could make this a bit easier for me.

What I have in mind is something that is, ideally, some sort of hotkey that runs the "Typeset LaTeX text" on any highlighted text. The problem is, I don't even know where to begin on such a project. I know there are ways to make custom hotkeys, but how would I make one that does something so specific?

Where do I start?


So I figured it out, really easily.

You just go to the apple button at the top-left Go to System Preferences Keyboard Shortcuts In the left, click on Services Click on typeset LaTeX text and then do the command you want. Make sure the command isn't used inside of the app while you have text selected

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