I have a Samsung SyncMaster SA350 which doesn't accept a VGA signal. It says "Check Signal Cable" while a VGA cable is plugged into it, so I assume there is something wrong with the LCD panel's controller board. I want to replace it if I can't find an easy fix.

  1. How do I choose an LCD controller board that is compatible with the LCD panel?
  2. Does each LCD only have one compatible controller board?
  3. Where can I get LCD controller boards?

Some notes on what I am working with:

  • Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster SA350
  • LCD: LTM200KT08
  • Controller: BN63-07709A
  • Buttons panel: BN41-01635A

You may be able to find used ones on eBay. Here's one for $18. Generally, if it's not under warranty, your only option is to throw it away.

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