I use a Stinkyboard Footboard to enter shortcuts with my feet on my Mac.

This works fine, the Footboard is recognized as another USB keyboard and the shortcuts are working. One thing that is not working is to assign two keys like ALT + SHIFT to the foot pedal and then add another key like 1 with the keyboard I use with my hands.

Is there a way to make these two keyboards combine their inputs into one shortcut?

  • What was your experience with the stinkyboard? Are you still using it? I'm looking for a solution for emacs to replace the Control & Alt keys. Thanks for any info. – mwal Mar 21 at 15:58
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    The problem with the Stinkyboard is that the configuration of the board with the official software is only possible on a Windows machine. At some point this got so annoying that I didn't use it that much anymore. – Janusz Mar 29 at 16:21

I know I'm gravedigging here, but I think I've the solution for you. It's called Karabiner.

I've a Belkin Yourtype Wireless Keyboard and I wanted to use that one combined with the keyboard of my Macbook pro, and by just installing Karabiner I'm able to do that.

This is possible since one of the implicit functions of Karabiner is to share modifier keys over multiple keyboards:

Share state of modifier keys with all connected keyboards:

When you are using multiple keyboards, modifier keys are shared with all keyboards.

For example, pressing "shift key on keyboard1" and "space key on keyboard2" sends shift-space.

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    Update for macOS Sierra users: there is a limited version of Karabiner called Karabiner Elements that has been released, since the full version was never released. – Jeremy Blalock Sep 6 '17 at 5:55
  • For those wondering where this setting is, afaik, there is no setting for this, it's just the default once you have Karabiner Elements running. This is working for me in Mojave with two mac keyboard, one usb and one bluetooth – chrismarx Jun 24 at 16:38

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