I have a new laptop running windows 8, the proxy settings get enabled randomly and I can't use Internet explorer at that point. I have to manually turn off the proxy each time. I've gone through Internet options -> connections -> LAN settings -> advanced -> ( I delete everything in the boxes), I then get a popup saying "do you want to turn off the proxy connection", I select yes.

After restarting the computer it's fine for a day or two and all those delete settings reappear in the proxy server box. How can I turn them off?

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    Enabled randomly?? I'd make sure there isn't malware.
    – surfasb
    Commented Jan 26, 2014 at 17:25

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You need to follow - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2777643

"How to configure proxy server settings in Windows 8"

What you had posted works fine in previous versions of Windows, you are most likely going to use the section: "How to configure proxy server settings through Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol (WPAD)


I was experiencing the very same odd behavior. Found out this only happened when Fiddler 2 was running. After closing it the proxy was kept switched off.
So if you have any network monitoring tool which creates proxy, then close/remove it.


I had the same exact odd case, After a month of testing all possible solution, i finally got it today.

  1. Checked my Event View (eventvwr) for any activity of the Proxy Setting.
  2. Found that "af_proxy_cmd.exe" was the process keep changing my Proxy !
  3. af_proxy_cmd.exe is one of the process used by Anchor Hotspot Shield VPN Tunnel Software.
  4. After removing Hotspot Shield, my issue were resolved :)

So make sure that your VPN software do not touch the proxy setting

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