I have two machines , Windows XP Machine and Windows 8.1 Machine , in public network that connected to other Machines

I want to share my folders and files over the public network , i want to share it securely

My question is how to set username and password for windows xp machine network so i can access shared folders by windows 8.1 machine ?


You cannot easily share Windows shared drives over a public network. Windows does not encrypt the traffic between the machines (except for the login).

To do so securely, you need to set up a "Virtual Private Network" (VPN). This provides a "tunnel" which is an encrypted link between the 2 networks. You could research IPSEC based VPN's.

Tools such as Hamachi can be used to set up VPN's or tools such as TeamDrive or even DropBox are alternatives that can reasonably securely share files.

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