i am using ubuntu 9.10 and when i copy a folder from the desktop to the www directory from lamp it says permission denied. im not doing it through terminal but how can i make myself root level to copy and edit/delete the files that i need to.


Instead of always having to run "gksudo nautilus", lets try something easier

My www folder is not owned by root but by me, I want to be admin of the www folder, and I suppose you want the same.

So we're going to make you owner

sudo chown <your_username> <path of your www folder> -R

In my case it was

sudo chown jeffrey /var/www/ -R

This will make you the owner of the folder, -R means recursive, thus it will make you owner of all subfolders as well.

To make sure you got enough read and write rights

sudo chmod 755 <path of your www folder> -R

This will grant you read, write and execute rights, and it will grant other users the right to read and execute it, 744 won't work, because you'll get a "permission denied" error.


You can press F2 and enter gksudo nautilus if you are using the default file manager. This will run nautilus wit elevated privileges. I'd recommend against doing all operations like this though.

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