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I've got multiple computers in a LAN network that I monitor remotely, they're all running the same hardware and software. To monitor them I simply ssh in to one computer and then ssh off that on to the others.

I was wondering if it was possible to send a command to the computers through ssh, that was then broadcast to the computers in the LAN (within a certain ip-range!)? e.g. For all the computers I want the command 'ls -l' to be run, from the ip range -

Or could I have them, e.g., to all run a bash script from one command? Is this possible or do I need some 3rd party program to implement this?



I think that PSSH is the tool you are looking for. See Execute commands simultaneously on multiple servers Using PSSH/Cluster SSH/Multixterm.

An alternative is DSH. See Running Remote Commands on Multiple Servers with SSH and Dsh.

You may also take a look at Puppet.

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First point would be you can have multiple terminals open to multiple SSH connections at once, but I assume you want a simple method of sending a single message to all machines at once.

There are a couple admin terminals which might help you here. I believe ClusterSSH (available through SourceForge) will do the job. You will have to forgive me, I have not personally tried this application, but have been told by others it allows for command echo across multiple systems. I assume this might be something you want. A brief look at the application can be found at linux.com

Hope this helps.

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  • Yes I've been opening up multiple terminal sessions. I will try ClusterSSH, thanks for your reply. – Caleb Fetzer Jan 27 '14 at 9:23

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