I have a 120GB SSD and a 2TB HDD.

I want to install Windows 7 Ultimate and Linux (Ubuntu) on the SSD, split it by 60gb each or however close to evenly as possible.

Then the storage HDD I want to dedicate like 500gb to Linux and 1500gb to Windows. I'm pretty sure the filesystems are incompatible and I'll have to do this.

I have never partitioned or formatted drives before, and this seems a little bit more complicated than what people might normally do with a dual boot with only 1 drive, I'm a little lost.

  • Just use GParted. Create a 1500GB NTFS partition and the rest to any filesystem you want supported by Linux. – Ramhound Jan 27 '14 at 15:42

It is easy, but if you know little about partitioning it is a lot of material to digest. So I am giving you a short version, you will have to fill in the details on how to do it yourself.

  1. Use a live Ubuntu distro to partition your disks, with an instrument called gparted which you will have to install onto the live every time you boot from the live (live distros cannot be modified).
  2. Choose the following partitioning scheme:

    use ms-dos -type partition table for both SSD and HDD

    partition the SSD as follows: 1 partition 120GB filesystem ntfs, one partition 116GB filesystem ext4, 4GB filesystem swap;

    partition the HDD as follows: 1500GB filesystem ntfs, 500GB filesystem ext4.

  3. Install Windows on the SSD.

  4. Install Ubuntu on the SSD, using custom partition. Use the ext4 partition on SSH as /, the swap partition on SSD as swap, the ext4 partition on HDD as /home.
  5. Use grub2 to allow correct dual-boot. If it does not work, use Ubuntu Boot-Repair to fix it(just Google it).
  6. WHen you boot Windows, instruct it to search for drive D on HDD.


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