I am trying to delete firefox history and it is hanging. Just trying to delete the "older than 6 months" folder and it hangs. Any other way to get at it?

thanks for your considered reply, gm

  • You can delete the profile itself. The location is documented on the Firefox website – Ramhound Jan 28 '14 at 20:00

Run bleachbit and tick the boxes under Firefox, then clean


Found this in a support forum, worked for me:

I used this to clear the history. Open History from the tool bar or ctrl+shift+H. 'single click' on one of the links to highlight it; click on 'Organize' in the top tool bar and select All; delete.
Long way around it but it works. I even have the history set to only retain for 'one' day, but that doesn't work either. Frustrating; should be a simple fix.

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