Our company letterhead has the corporate logo (in the header) and contact information (in the footer) - this format is in a Word 2010 template, and repeats into the second page.

I would like to begin my report with this format, however in ALL the subsequent pages (both even and odd), I do not want to have this header and footer information printed/visible - I would like all subsequent pages (after the Letterhead first page) to be blank A4 pages on the Word 2010 document.

How do I do this??

Thanks in advance.


Select the first page header (double click it) and in the design tab select "Different First Page".

enter image description here

This will make the header and footer specific to the first page. Move to the second page and remove any header/footers there.


select header on other pages and find the Design Tab > untick Different First Page .. this worked my end

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