Is it possible to change a tag's name without restarting awesome?

At the very least, something I can run that will change the name and also reload awesome.


You can bind a key like this (add it to the globalkeys section):

awful.key({ modkey, "Shift",  }, "F2",    function ()
                    awful.prompt.run({ prompt = "Rename tab: ", text = awful.tag.selected().name, },
                    function (s)
                        awful.tag.selected().name = s

It's also possible to create a shell script, which uses zenity to ask for a new tag: https://gist.github.com/blueyed/9404320 (it's a bit awkward, and I wish it would be easier to access the awesome API from the outside).

  • Had to use mouse.screen.index to make it work. – Gunar Gessner May 23 '18 at 14:12

Adapted from blueyed answer but for awesome 4 add this to global keys section:

awful.key({ modkey, "Shift",  }, "F2",
              function ()
                    awful.prompt.run {
                      prompt       = "rename current tag: ",
                      text         = awful.tag.selected().name,
                      textbox      = awful.screen.focused().mypromptbox.widget,
                      exe_callback = function (s) awful.tag.selected().name = s end,
            {description = "rename tag", group = "awesome"}),
  • Thanks very much for sharing :) – Peter R May 31 '19 at 15:25

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