I created a bug in a user-defined function that is called from a large number of cells on many tables in an Excel workbook (not the way I would design it, I just "inherited" it).

But now, I can't seem to get rid of the #VALUE errors in the cells referencing this VBA function.

Tried so far:

  • Calculation menu, "Calculate Sheet"
  • Saving, re-opening (this workbook is set to calculate before saving)
  • Setting the calculation mode to Manual and back again to Automatic
  • ActiveSheet.Calculate
  • Application.Calculate
  • Application.CalculateFull

The only thing that seems to work is editing each cell and just hitting Enter to reset each formula, or overwriting the formulas via copy/paste.


I figured it out as I was typing the question:


There must be a better solution but you can simulate editing the cell by doing a replace of = with = across the whole tab.

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