I have a problem with Explorer.exe, it keeps crashing after it ran for a minute and 5 seconds (says Soluto). I am experiencing this problem since I edited the file/folder permissions of Program Files (x86). I allready set the permissions back to normal, ran the most extended chkdsk and also ran sfc /scannow but it didn't solve anything, also tried a system restore to a couple of days back but that also doesn't work.

I am running Win8.1 (standard edition) on a Lenovo G500s

I added some information (also from Soluto)




Didn't zip it, just uploaded it to my dropbox


Just fixed my problem... To keep a long story short; I uninstalled Gimp.

Detailed story:

  1. AVG tried to repair securitymanager.dll (part of Gimp) because AVG thought it was a trojan horse.
  2. Gimp and Explorer.exe didn't know how to handle this file which was broken so Explorer.exe crashed everytime it tried to load securitymanager.dll (which was always after 1 minute and 5 seconds).

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