I want to copy the latest file from a Folder and its subfolders to a new location.

The following code works well, BUT I do not want to filter by Date AND Time (/O:D), but DATE only, so that all latest files from the same date will be copied to the new location as the latest files.

FOR /F "delims=|" %%I IN ('DIR "D:\Backups\DB\*.bak" /B /O:D /S') DO SET NewestFile=%%I
copy "%NewestFile%" "D:\Backups\DB\Latest"


The following batch script makes use of the forfiles command, which is not available by default in Windows XP. If that's the operating system you use, you'll have to manually download it. While the syntax is similar, it's not identical.

@echo off

REM set the working directory
pushd "D:\Backups\DB"

REM get the latest modified .bak file
for /f "delims=" %%G in ('dir *.bak /b /o:-d /s 2^>nul') do (

REM copy the newest files
call :copyNewest %%G "Latest"

REM restore the previous working directory


REM make sure there's something to copy
if "%~1" == "" exit /b

REM check output folder
if "%~2" == "" exit /b

REM get the file path
set filePath=%~dp1

REM strip the trailing backslash char
set filePath=%filePath:~0,-1%

REM copy latest files which share the same date
for /f "delims=" %%G in ('"forfiles /p "%filePath%" /m "%~nx1" /c "cmd /c echo @fdate""') do (
forfiles /p "%cd%" /m *.bak /s /c "cmd /c echo @relpath | findstr /i /c:"\%~2" >nul || copy @path "%cd%\%~2" >nul" /d %%G
endlocal & exit /b

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