The problem occurs when I try to enter accent (tonos) in MS WORD 2003 (SP3) with a Greek keyboard layout,

When this happens I can't change the input language or the direction
(neither the Alt+Shift nor Ctrl+Shift key combinations work).
By switching to the Greek language the keyboard will not enter Greek characters unless I press the SHIFT key or press a random key.

Then I can normally type Greek characters until I try to enter a vowel with an accent.
When I press the ; key (next to L) the language change to English and the keyboard stops again and I have to press SHIFT again to type greek characters.
Furthermore, no characters (vowels) with accents are entered.

The desktop PC used is a brand new HP PC with Windows 7 x64 in Greek language.

The issue is related to MS WORD and doesn't occur in any other Application.
I tried to installed WORD 2007 but the problem remains


This issue was resolved by using the template support.dot (pre-installed with Office 2003)

It was a great help as it guided towards the solution, which was caused by a bad COM Add-In (PDF Complete)

It seems that PDF complete was pre-installed with the HP Windows 7 factory installation.

The issue ceased to exist as soon as the application was Removed/Uninstall from
Control Panel>Programs and Features>PDF Complete

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