What is the best pattern for write enabled collaboration on a subfolder inside the Dropbox public folder?

The use case is that I want to give write access to multiple people, while giving the general public read only access.

I understand that I can't use Dropbox directly for this. When I try the «Share folder» feature, Dropbox responds:

You can't create shared folders inside your Public folder.

So I tried to install Box for (the single purpose of) having that inside the Dropbox public folder. But changing the default location for the Box folder was unsuccessful, even though I followed this guide on box.com (also after creating the plist file, the Box folder appeared in the default location).

So, have anyone been successful at this, and what pattern did you use?


Problem solved, thanks, Wes! :-)

Wes Sonnenreich posted a solution in 2012.

It requires command line tampering, so a bit more cumbersome than ideal. But in my experimentation so far, it works as I hoped. A colleague of mine now has write access to a subfolder inside the Public folder.

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