I always want a e.g. figure cross reference to show only label and number. Is there a way to default to this setting instead of having to select this from the corresponding dialog each time I re-open a document? Or at least make the dialog point to this option by default?

Maybe, there is a way to use VBA or some scripting to fix this. However, as I see it, these 4 options have little correlated field codes. In a sample document & a sample picture, I get the following results:

Entire caption              REF _Ref379450337 \h
Only label and number       REF _Ref379442039 \h 
Only caption text           REF _Ref379451322 \h
Page number                 PAGEREF _Ref379450337 \h
Above/below                 REF _Ref379450337 \p \h

Hence, once I have the field code for an entire caption, I can change this to the page number or above / below layout. What I need is something that tells me, whether this is not "Only label and number" and then changes the field code accordingly.

I also appreciate information on why this is not possible (if so).


I was annoyed by the same thing, and even more by the fixed mini size of the dialog (shame on the responsible designer!). So I wrote a macro to insert cross references more comfortably. It works as follows (after you have assigned a hotkey to it):

  1. Position the cursor to where the crossref should be inserted
  2. Press the hotkey => a temporary bookmark is inserted (grey square brackets if you have configured them to be shown)
  3. Navigate to the element to which the crossref is to be inserted, e.g. a figure label or a headline. I find it especially comfortable to use the navigation pane / Headlines to quickly navigate to the destination.
  4. Press the hotkey again. The cursor jumps back to the original location and inserts the crossreference there.

You may access it on GitHub.

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