I'm not sure exactly what is adding the '>>' to the sign column, but it appears to be there for anything from the quickfix window. Is there a way to clear the whole column without doing a funky :grep search (for soifjseofseogh for example).

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The fastest way is probably to do:

:sign unplace *

You could set this up as a user defined :-command, or a mapping. For example, to make "\u" trigger the command:

:nmap <silent> <leader>u :sign unplace *<CR>

However, what you describe is not default Vim behavior. You probably have a plugin that creates the signs whenever the Quickfix stuff is triggered. Take a look at the output of ":scriptnames" and see if you can spot something that looks related.

  • amazing, many plugins use signs, like python-mode for linting, :sign unplace * is the way to clear them. Leaving this note for people to find
    – Pykler
    Jul 29, 2016 at 14:47

In Vim 8, you can now also do :set scl=no to hide the sign column forever (thanks to this answer on Stack Overflow for pointing this out).

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