I just noticed that there was a little greenish colored arrow on top of Chrome's "hamburger stack". Does anyone know what it means?

                                                      ss of arrow

  • Unless you have the hobby of reading the Chrome help page, you couldn't come with an answer of this. – Braiam Feb 8 '14 at 1:42

I suspect it means you have a update to Chrome that's ready to be used if you relaunch. Under the "hamburger stack" if you go to "About Google Chrome":

       ss of update


Thanks to @Braiam for finding this extra bit of info. Apparently there are 3 colors that vary from green to yellow to red, depending on how long the update's been available, but hasn't been installed yet.

That thread also referenced this bit of code from the Chromium project that discusses the elevation of the arrow color.

Aaron Boodman, Technical Lead - Chrome, Chrome Extensions Votes by Anthony Yeh, Anonymous, Shrey Banga, Max Morozenko, and 6 more. It gets more and more urgent (green, yellow, red) the longer you go without restarting.

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