"Workspace" is an encrypted dmg where I keep my code. I don't usually unmout it but I need to take a backup and it's refusing to let me unmount:

mark@mark-macbook-air /Volumes$ lsof | grep Workspace
mark@mark-macbook-air /Volumes$ lsof Workspace
mark@mark-macbook-air /Volumes$ hdiutil detach /Volumes/Workspace
hdiutil: couldn't unmount "disk1" - Resource busy
mark@mark-macbook-air /Volumes$ hdiutil unmount /Volumes/Workspace
hdiutil: unmount: "/Volumes/Workspace" failed to unmount due to error 49168.
hdiutil: unmount failed - Resource busy
mark@mark-macbook-air /Volumes$ ls
Macintosh HD@ Workspace/

If I try unmounting via the Finder:

"The disk “Workspace” couldn’t be ejected because “Terminal” is using it.".

I only have one terminal window open. It seems I could just close the terminal but since I'm pretty sure it's not using it so I ran sudo lsof and saw several "mds" and one "login". MDS is part of spotlight so I disabled spotlight indexing on the volume. That killed a few processes. I'm now down to just two:

mark@mark-macbook-air /Volumes$ sudo lsof /Volumes/Workspace/
login    653 root  cwd    DIR    1,5      850   29 /Volumes/Workspace/src/projectname
mds     2106 root    5r   DIR    1,5      476    2 /Volumes/Workspace

My question is why on earth would login be using my drive? Is this bad? What should I do?\

Edit: Login seems to have left the drive alone but I still can't unmount due to mds.

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You can use following command to force unmount it:

hdiutil unmount /Volumes/Workspace -force

Use detach command can help to unmount and then eject the disk if you want.

If the above command reports following error message:

hdiutil: detach failed - No such file or director

It means the path is incorrect, you can use /Volumes/Workspace/* instead.


It is safe to kill or Force Quit the mds process, and if you have disabled spotlight indexing then it shouldn't start up again.

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