I want to remove certain directories from a hiearchy using 'find -exec'

find $rootdir -type d -name target -exec rm -rf {} \;

I get error messages

find: `foo/bar/target': No such file or directory

because 'find -exec' apparently works in pre-order, i.e. it does the work first and then visits the children. I don't want to simply redirect the error messages to /dev/null, because they might be meaningful. Any suggestions?


You are looking for the -d or -depth option

 -depth  Always true; same as the -d option.

 -d      Cause find to perform a depth-first traversal, i.e., directories
         are visited in post-order and all entries in a directory will be
         acted on before the directory itself.  By default, find visits
         directories in pre-order, i.e., before their contents.  Note, the
         default is not a breadth-first traversal.

Be careful with -depth, if you add a number it changes meaning.

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