I am using Windows 7 64Bit. I installed After Effects CS6. And I am now trying to install Motion Boutique Newton 2. I have 1024*768 resolution (and thats the maximum for my pc. I know thats odd) and thus, the Newton 2 license accept windows is cutoff so I can't click the accept button in anyway. This is really frustrating. The license Window can't be re-sized or moved.

Hitting the Tab key to get focus of the accept button does not work. Re-sizing the Windows does not work. Manually registering the dll files of the plugin does not work. Attached are the screenshots.

How do I accept it? Can I move my mouse out of the Window?

Full Screen Pic After Re-sizing Windows Pic

  • in first screnshot, hiting tab should work – MAKZ Feb 15 '14 at 8:29

Accept button will only be enabled if Accept the terms radio button is selected .. As I can see from the screenshot, I donot Accept the terms radio button is selected.

Select the first radio button, and then hit Tab to get focus on Accept button.

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  • Tried it... Doesn't work. – user3459110 Feb 18 '14 at 5:10

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