What is the most stable and easiest way to get readable access of linux partitions in windows?

All software and drivers I´ve found seem to have been dead/inactive for at least 4 years.

Native access is a plus.

Os: Windows 8.1


There are lots of options, such as:

  • Create a Linux VM using VirtualBox or similar. This is rather heavy really but works as you can share the drives
  • Ext2fsd - Updated Nov 2017 for Ext3 (Ext4 work in progress). It is free
  • DiskInternals Linux Reader - Not sure when this was last update but still seems current
  • Ext2read - seems pretty dead but still works OK I think. You need to run this as an admin user
  • Explore2fs - Not updated for a while and doesn't mention Windows 7 or 8 but I believe it does work at least on W7
  • Paragon ExtFS - is still current and works on W8 too. Supports read and write and is free for personal use.

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