I'm having some problems last weekend according to various filesystems are unmounted on monday morning, having them mounted and running the work days before. During the weekend the machine reboot but i think the filesystem should be mounted even after a machine reboot.

Any idea of why the filesystem get unmounted after a reboot ? Where can i look (system file) to change this behaviour and be sure it will be mounted after a reboot ?

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You can check under /etc/filesystems and add your filesystem there, then run the mount YOUR_FILESYSTEM to check if it work.

Let see you want joe1 to be mounted each time, you'll have to edit /etc/filesystems and add:

          dev        = /home/joe/1
          nodename   = vance
          vfs        = nfs

Then mount: mount /home/joe/1

If it work (df -g /home/joe/1 or mount) it will too on reboot.

Check the Doc to see what to put there, depending of your filesystem if it is nfs or local.

Reference IBM

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