I would like to type company.local as local domain instead of type in IP address to connect ti web host in IIS.

But i cannot connect company.local from other workstation unless i enter localhost server ip company.local

at my workstation host file. this is very time consuming if my company have 1000 workstation, and it the local domain change i need change all work station.

anyone got idea to solve this issue?

It work on server side if i type company.local, the iis default page will prompt.

thank you.

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Does your company use a domain? You should just be able to use FQDN in the address bar or no domain at all.




If that doesn't work you'll need to verify that your corporate DNS has all in-use suffixes registered so you inherit them from DNS when you get your DHCP IP address. If you use static addresses you have to manually add search domains.

NIC Properties > IPv4 > Properties > Advanced > DNS > "Append these DNS suffixes"

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