I have already looked at someone trying the opposite: can I get ConEmu to "mark to copy"?, but I had already tried unchecking "Copy on Left Button release".

I'm running ConEmu 140216b, installed(as opposed to portable), on win7. Off chance it matters, running kitty(a putty fork, with updates) as the console.

It is an alpha build, and as there are no stable builds on the download page, should I just try installing the preview build?


It must be obviously that KiTTY is not a console application! KiTTY is another GUI application. And it process mouse and keyboard input internally! ConEmu can't change behavior of another GUI terminal emulator, goto KiTTY settings.

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  • ...Right, makes sense now that it's been pointed out. – mtfurlan Feb 19 '14 at 0:37

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