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I have an old Excel file in the USB drive, unfortunately, i accidentally copied it into a folder that contains a newer version with the same name and overwrote the new version. I want to get my old excel back and can anybody help me?

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Basically, your chances to recover your file are rather slim. I'm not 100% sure I understood your problem. Do you want the newer version back?

If so, you're pretty much out of luck, unless there exists a shadow copy of some sorts (only provided in Windows 7 IIRC and by default only for stuff under C:\Users).

Right click the folder where the new file has been, open the properties, and look whether there is some tab for previous versions.

Under Windows 8/8.1 there might be an automatic backup with the old newer file, but once again this is not guaranteed.

You can still try to use a tool such as Recuva (Freeware) and look for old copies of the file, but this is not guaranteed to find an overwritten file (also depends on how you copied or moved the file).

  • Thank for your totally free software named Recuva, As the data in my Excel is very important to me, so i got a professional Microsoft Excel Recovery tool do the work. i search and find it in Google. here is the helpful link..drm-assistant.com/datarescue/… – user69697 Feb 20 '14 at 1:11
  • This question, and the above comment, strike me as suspicious. Together with the fact that user69697 claims to have been able to recover the data - which seems unlikely - there is something about user69697's language that makes me think that the link in the comment above should be avoided. I actually followed the link and downloaded the software, and got all sorts of warnings from antivirus software at every stage of that process. – andreasdr Apr 4 '16 at 8:22

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