I've been using bash for a decade or so and have gotten used to being able to type !$ to repeat the last argument, e.g.:

$ mkdir foo
$ cd !$
cd foo

(That last line is printed by the shell to tell you what your command evaluated to). Likewise I often to the following:

$ make_sandwich
-bash: make_sandwich: Permission denied
$ sudo !!
sudo make_sandwich

I'm really liking the fish shell, but my muscle memory is pretty established. Is there an equivalent in fish? Can I configure fish to use the same commands?


Alt-Up arrow gives you the last argument from the previous command. Subsequent pushes cycle throught prior arguments.

I haven't found a satisfactory equivalent to !!, except Up then Ctrl-A


sudo !! (or sudo bang bang) is one of my most oft used commands. I'm still using just plain old bash that has it just fine. Sorry to hear that fish doesn't implement it correctly. A little googling and I found this:

function sudo
    if test "$argv" = !!
        eval command sudo $history[1]
        command sudo $argv

There are a lot more options over on the thread here: https://github.com/fish-shell/fish-shell/issues/288

  • where do I have to enter that code? entering that into fish and then "sudo !!" returns some error lines with "source: Error while reading file '-'" – Benedikt S. Vogler Sep 23 '16 at 14:31

I found this perfect answer on the fish-users mailing list:

function bind_bang
    switch (commandline -t)[-1]
        case "!"
            commandline -t $history[1]; commandline -f repaint
        case "*"
            commandline -i !

function bind_dollar
    switch (commandline -t)[-1]
        case "!"
            commandline -t ""
            commandline -f history-token-search-backward
        case "*"
            commandline -i '$'

function fish_user_key_bindings
    bind ! bind_bang
    bind '$' bind_dollar

Further discussion on fish's github wiki

  • That is awesome! You should consider editing the top answer to include this... – user1480704 Aug 4 '16 at 15:33
  • 2
    I created ~/.config/fish/config.fish and pasted this. It worked great after restarting fish. – Katu Nov 20 '16 at 10:56

I had the same problem as you, and I fixed by using oh-my-fish (it's a plugin manager for fish shell) https://github.com/oh-my-fish/oh-my-fish. You can install it with this command :

curl -L https://get.oh-my.fish | fish

Then install the plugin bang-bang with this command :

omf install bang-bang 

If you use !! only in the context of sudo !!, you can define a keybinding to ^s (CTRL+s) which prepends sudo to your command:

function prepend_command
  set -l prepend $argv[1]
  if test -z "$prepend"
    echo "prepend_command needs one argument."
    return 1

  set -l cmd (commandline)
  if test -z "$cmd"
    commandline -r $history[1]

  set -l old_cursor (commandline -C)
  commandline -C 0
  commandline -i "$prepend "
  commandline -C (math $old_cursor + (echo $prepend | wc -c))

This allows to type in any command and prepend sudo while typing or like in your case as a substitution of sudo !!

See the Ahti's comment on the github discussion

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