I want to refer to line numbers in code which I have in my appendix. Each piece of code is in its own section where line numbers begin from 1.

I want to be able to write something like;

"With reference to line 23 in code snippet 6.8, ..."

If I add or remove lines above the text being referenced or if I change the margins or font size such that wrapping causes lines to be created or destroyed, then I want the line number reference to update just like a numbered item reference would update if the chapter numbers change.

What I've tried so far:

  1. I checked in the cross-references section of Word 2013 but wasn't able to find a line number reference type. Can I create such a reference type?
  2. I tried simply selecting the entire code section and turning it into a numbered list, which I could then reference, but that bungles on line wrapping and indented code. Also it would be a bit of work setting up the styles and it would be much cleaner to use Word's built-in line numbering tool.

Unfortunately word doesn't have a way to generate cross-references to line numbers. You might have some luck creating a complex VBA macro that would satisfy this requirement, but most likely a better idea is to just rethink how you want to display your cross-references.

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