Suppose I have a 2TB disk full of files, and a second 2TB disk, both internal to my desktop. I'd like to use this for backup.

Risk analysis:

  • Concerned about disk failure
  • Not concerned about accidental deletion, physical thieves, viruses, fire, etc.
  • File value is more 'inconvenience' than 'vital', essential files are backed up elsewhere.


  • Any solution must work on Win7 && linux (i.e. if I have a separate solution for each platform, it has to handle changes made by the other OS's)
  • Entire disk is one partition
  • System files for all OS's are not on this disk.

1) What do I want? Some kind of RAID? Some other kind of disk mirroring?

2) Do I want something hardware-level? Or will software work across multiple OS's?

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  • You should make 3 copies. The first is the original,the second is the on-site backup, the third is the off-site backup. All the other decisions are less important – Ramhound Feb 25 '14 at 1:43

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