After moving to Windows 8, I can no longer directly input unicode characters into PuTTY session window. Like ą, ę, ć, ń using Alt+<letter> with Polish (programmers) keyboard layout.

  • I have Window -> Translation -> Remote character set set to UTF-8.

  • Typing directly using the physical keyboard connected to the server works.

  • And, what is strange, pasting a text with these letters into PuTTY works, too.

  • The server is using UTF-8. Here, ąęółśćżźń is being pasted:

    m@debian:~$ echo ąęółśćżźń > x ; file x
    x: UTF-8 Unicode text
  • Pressing e.g. Alt+x, that normally renders ź, in PuTTY window results in a normal latin z. Here, żźżźżź is being pasted:

    m@debian:~$ echo żźżźżź | md5sum
    1ff31403a1089c590ed55d42cdcd0f3e  -

    Here, żźżźżź is being typed:

    m@debian:~$ echo zzzzzz | md5sum
    cd519e63e450d863e5ee02814bae016d  -

    And here, a plain zzzzzz is being typed:

    m@debian:~$ echo zzzzzz | md5sum
    cd519e63e450d863e5ee02814bae016d  -

    Same sum.

  • The only letter with a diacritic that is typable is ó (which is also present in latin1 charset).

  • This same exact executable does work on Windows 7.

My guess is that Windows 8 is somehow deciding that PuTTY is unable to process typed (?) non-latin1 characters and it changes them on-the-fly to their latin1 counterparts.

What can be done?

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Setting "Language for non-Unicode programs" as suggested in https://superuser.com/a/497880/214569 helped.


Accepted answer didn't work for me!

I had changed PuTTY's font previously. The only change that I needed was reverting it to Courier New (in Window -> Appearance).

enter image description here

Also choose 'UTF-8' in Window -> Translation.

enter image description here

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