Out of the box, MobaXTerm's rendering of the Midnight Commander screen looks like this (ZOC by comaprison to the right; PuTTY looks similar):

washed out http://i.snag.gy/hvxxF.jpg

How can I fix this? Is there some environment variable I could set on the server, or some obscure setting in MobaXTerm?

Also, none of the terminal themes seem to do anything. I've picked the light themes and connected to sdf.org but the colors are still those from "dark background".


you can change the color configuration here: settings -> configuration -> terminal

Then select a color scheme, for example "Bright". You can click in each of the color and change it as you want.


The color settings are located in ~/.mc/ini. Add a color settings, for example

[Colors] base_color=lightgray,green:normal=green,default:selected=white,gray:marked=yellow,default:markselect=yellow,gray:directory=blue,default:executable=brightgreen,default:link=cyan,default:device=brightmagenta,default:special=lightgray,default:errors=red,default:reverse=green,default:gauge=green,default:input=white,gray:dnormal=green,gray:dfocus=brightgreen,gray:dhotnormal=cyan,gray:dhotfocus=brightcyan,gray:menu=green,default:menuhot=cyan,default:menusel=green,gray:menuhotsel=cyan,default:helpnormal=cyan,default:editnormal=green,default:editbold=blue,default:editmarked=gray,blue:stalelink=red,default


You can also edit the settings of your current saved sessions, to have the bright color scheme. It has more contrast, just like Putty has:

Midnight Commander after setting scheme to bright
Midnight Commander after setting scheme to bright

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