I have Western Digital Caviar Black drive (model WD2002FAEX-007BA0).
System is running Linux Mint 14. Filesystem on drive ext4.

Recently I've got some i/o errors on one of the files. Then I've checked smart and saw Current_Pending_Sector count go up. (few sectors, don't remember exact number)

I've copied all information to another disk and tried to do several badblocks check (in read-only and non destructive mode) using following commands

fsck -vck /dev/sdb1 and fsck -vcck /dev/sdb1

After each scan it reported more and more badblocks. Current_Pending_Sector went as high as 90. Since drive is 2TB, each full scan takes up to day to complete. So I decided to selectively scan only block ranges with badblocks on that partition.

badblocks -b 4096 -sv -p 2 /dev/sdb1 48696066 48674506

after few scans badblock reported more that 1K errors. Then I've decided to wipe whole partition and do destructive write test with badblocks on whole drive.

badblocks -wsv ~/bb-sdb.txt /dev/sdb

but badblocks didn't reported any errors, and magically Current_Pending_Sector went to zero.

Full SMART status available here(pastebin)

Question is why Current_Pending_Sector went to zero? (I understand meaning of pending sector, but question is rather why it went down after full destructive write scan) And can I still trust this drive?


The issue you had most likely result of Silent Data Degradation Through using "badblocks" regulary I am trying to resolve it. From my expirience some disks more affected to Silent Data Degradation and some less. Here is some reading regarding Read Instability


To answer original question: No, I should have not trust that drive anymore. Couple months after described problem drive died. It became undetectable by system. Luckily, I had full drive backup, so no data was lost. Second drive (exact same model and capacity) still works with no problems

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