I.e., if I'd like to alias both proxychains & prch to proxychains4, is there something equivalent to this?:

alias prch='proxychains'='proxychains4'

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You can add multiple aliases in one command:

alias prch=proxychains4 proxychains=proxychains4

And, since alias is just a regular command, you can use all shell features with it, including brace expansion. For example, the syntax x{A,B,C}y would expand to three separate arguments xAy xBy xCy.

So if you combine these two together:

alias {prch,proxychains}=proxychains4
  • $ echo alias {prch,proxychains}=proxychains4 returns alias prch=proxychains4 proxychains=proxychains4. Thank you. Mar 1, 2014 at 18:34

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