I looked at the key binding doc for sublime text 3, and I change some of the existing key bindings.. however, I would like to create a keybinding for the command project-> new workspace for project.. following the pattern of commands in the file, I assumed that the command is the same that appears on the menu dropdown list and by replacing spaces with _.

enter image description here

So this is what I did:

{ "keys": ["super+shift+t"], "command": "new_workspace_for_project" }

unfortunately it does't work! (p.s. I edited the file that appears after selecting preferences->Key Bindings - User

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To check if another plugin is using the above keymaps all you have to do is open the ST console (ctrl+`) and write out sublime.log_commands(True) and that will log all the commands ran in ST.

  • and your short cut is being used already for the default { "keys": ["super+shift+t"], "command": "reopen_last_file" }. Try a different combination to see if it is the conflict that is causing this to not work. Mar 1, 2014 at 15:46

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