Appologies if I am misusing/abusing specifications.

Question: Is it possible to send serial signals via the PC's COM port? Is it further possible to split this port somehow and send signals to two different devices?

Motivation: My end game is to accomplish the following

  1. Generate serial signals such as "0101U" (see here, last page)
  2. Send these signals from a linux computer through an RS232 cable
  3. Send those signals from the RS232 cable to a CAT5 ethernet cable
  4. Send those signals from the Cat5 ethernet cable to a Somfy URTSII interface device
  5. Get Somfy URTSII interface device to control roller blinds.
  6. Accomplish this for 2 Somfy URTSII devices

My initial thoughts were to control the Somfy URTSII device with a single Raspberry Pi, by purchasing an RS232 cable with a built in level converter, and then a DB9 to RJ45 connector, and building two of these, one for each Somfy URTSII device. However, if I can control the devices (either one or both) from the PC's COM port, I will save about $35-$70.


PC serial COM ports are RS232 ports. I once once used a RS232 null modem between two of them to send files between two computers.

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