since explorer has no appid, it's not possible to find relevant DCOM component in Component Services. I tried editing access rights in Elevated-Unelevated Explorer Factory component and editing permissions in explorer.exe file directly, but there is no nt authority/local service user - only local service group, adding it to the access list and giving it privileges doesn't fix the event's occurrence. Explorer starts normally, with random Logon SID at startup. Still I wanna fix that popping error.



The user S-1-15-19 is the LOCAL_SERVICE. My error have disappeared (so far) following these steps:

  1. Start dcomcnfg and navigate to My Computer.
  2. Right click on My Computer and select Properties
  3. Select COM Security tab.
  4. In Launch and Activation Permission, click Edit Default
  5. Click Add
  6. In Select Users or Groups, click Advanced.
  7. In Advanced (actually, the name of the panel is still Select Users or Groups), click Find Now
  8. Scroll down and select LOCAL_SERVICE
  9. Give Local Activation and Local Right to LOCAL_SERVICE
  10. Do the same (#5-8) for Edit Limits and also Access Permission Edit Limits and Edit Default.

NOTE: My OS is Win 8.1

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