I want to change the default folder where Skype put it's file.

I mean the files of the chat cronology which Skype puts here:


How can I do that?

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  1. First you need to have a profile folder in the default location (%APPDATA%\Skype), by simply signing in to your profile at least once.
  2. Sign out and Quit from Skype, otherwise you'll get File in use problems
  3. Move the profile folder from the %APPDATA%\Skype to a secure location (TrueCrypt drive, or other drives), for example T:\tech_engineer
  4. Create a symbolic link from the Skype data folder to the new location by executing on a Command Prompt this command: On a Windows XP machine, after downloading the Junction utility from the Microsoft website, type:

junction T:[new location name] %appdata%\skype[skype username]

On a Windows 7 machine:

mklink /D %appdata%\skype[skype username] T:[new location name]

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