while exploring the installation media of windows operating system i could see the following list of files :

Boot mgr - the boot sector loads the Windows Boot Manager (hidden system file BOOTMGR in the System Reserved Volume), which first looks for an active partition

hiberfil.sys Contains system state used when hibernating

pagefile.sys - Windows swapfile used for swapping system data between RAM and hard disk.

swapfile.sys - Swapfile.sys is a system controller file, normally around 256MB. It's used by Metro style applications.

But i cant find info related to bootnxt files

enter image description here

Whats the use of the bootnxt file what does it meant for?


From verboon

When enabling the startup options, Windows updates the file BOOTNXT and creates a new file BOOTTGT.

When disabling the startup options, Windows again updates the file BOOTNXT and deletes the file BOOTTGT

  • The link to "verboon" is considered harmful by several virus protectors, perhaps remove / replace with something more authoritative?
    – Abel
    Oct 18 '17 at 16:12
  • On my Windows To Go USB stick, BOOTNXT has 1 byte length and contains a zero byte. 2 days ago

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