I have a program that opens VLC to play a sound, but I don't want that other people see the VLC player, since I mirror my screen on a TV. Is it possible that I can make VLC open in background or minimalized?

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The command line parameter for opening VLC minimized(in system tray) is --qt-start-minimized. Example usage:

"C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" --qt-start-minimized

On windows 10, using vlc 2.2.4:

Using vlc -I null --play-and-exit [arguments], vlc opens in the background without appearing in the taskbar or system tray.

However, it can be seen when 'more details' is clicked in task manager.

For example, when you want to play audio while vlc is hidden:

vlc -I null --play-and-exit "C:\Windows.old\Users\Public\Music\Sample Music\Kalimba.mp3"
  • Great answer! But vlc will stay running after the file is played. To auto-exit after the file has finished playing you can add the --play-and-exit flag Dec 13, 2016 at 14:25

-Incurse Also works, shows only in task manager.


If you are on Linux, you can use the command cvlc instead of vlc. And then add --play-and-exit. It will run a single process that will exit after playing the file.

Example usage : cvlc --play-and-exit ./my-audio-file.wav

I was not able to make -Incurse or -I null work, and --qt-start-minimized called a notification in Plasma6 which is undesirable for my use-case.

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