I thought I should be able to copy text like this:

/ + text-to-search + <ENTER> to find the beginning of text

n as many times as needed to go to desired search result

i to go into CARET mode

v to go into SELECT mode

l or $ or other navigation keys to select the amount of text I want

y to copy selected text

But it does not work. When I then paste into Gedit for example I get the text that was in clipboard before i copied in Pentadactyl.


I found out in this ticket here that this procedure indeed does copy, but to the default Pentadactyl register (like in Vim). There is also an information how to change the default register:

:js editor.defaultRegister="+"

To make this behaviour permanent you can put this command without a colon in .pentadactylrc

js editor.defaultRegister="+"

  • Thanks a lot, have been searching how to get this fixed. – Etheryte Oct 7 '14 at 23:45

I don't know if it's a new feature, but you can simply type Y (as opposed to y) to copy into the system's clipboard (see Copying text).

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