What might be an effective way to universally block or auto-accept common cookie warning banners before the web browser shows them to the user?

Eg. does a userscript (Greasefire/Tampermonkey) exist to find and thwart most cookie-warning implementations, perhaps via a regex search? Or at least can this be accomplished with an extension? (Trying not to bloat the browser with yet another extension, though.)

This applies to many outdated UK and EU websites, especially now that the "Cookie Law" is behind us.

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There is a Firefox/Chrome add-on called I don't care about cookies that will help you to remove these warnings from many thousands of, as it says, "infected" websites :)

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    The add-on page also provides ADblock plus add-on subscription list, which is what I prefer. – Tomáš Zato Jan 11 '16 at 11:06
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Late 2015 update. The way to go nowadays appears to be with uBlock Origin, outperforming AdBlock and its variants.

It has an option to enable:

  • EU: Prebake - Filter Obtrusive Cookie Notices‎
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    Hint: The Prebake option is listed under uBlock Origin > Dashboard > Third-party filter lists > Areas, languages (the last grouping) > scroll to the letter E (from EU). In Dutch: Instellingen > Filters van derden > Gebieden, talen (de laatste groep voor "Aangepast"). – Pro Backup Jul 7 '16 at 20:55
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    For those who can't find the item listed in uBlock Origin, you can manually add it to the list from the official page: prebake.eu – Banderi Feb 11 at 16:15
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    Prebake hans't been updated in 2 years. uBlock Origin now uses Fanboy's Cookiemonster List instead, you can enable it in the Annoyances category. – ElegyD May 4 at 7:33

If you use AdBlock or AdBlock Plus extension for Chrome, Firefox, etc. you can add a custom list filter to it that will block these pop-ups. Some ad blockers have built-ins list filters that block this and others annoyances.

I personally use Prebake. To use it just make sure you have one of the supported adblockers, access the site and click in the "Subscribe to the Prebake list filter".

CookiesOK is able to detect and handle several often used scripts such as CookieCuttr and CookieGuard. Developer can also make their script compatible with the extension.

There are extensions available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

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