I am running Windows 8.1 64-bit. Whenever I click on a PDF URL link it wont open.

Instead I get this error message This application can't be activated when UAC is disabled.

I have switched my UAC level to enable and switched off and rebooted and I get the same message when I click on a PDF URL. Anyone help me please?


I assume that you are also unable to start the Reader metro app from the start screen, not just when clicking PDF URLs. If UAC is turned off it is not possible to start any metro apps.

Make sure that UAC is turned on in the registry (regedit). It is controlled by the following registry value:


1 means that it is turned on. You need to reboot if you change the value.

An alternative solution is to install a desktop PDF reader (for example: Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader) and make it the default program to open PDFs.


If u change your local account to your Microsoft Account,u can use these apps even UAC is disabled. I had this issue for jpg files too, but when i logged in to my Microsoft Account i didn't see the error massage again.

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