I can extract all information related with any outlook account from windows registry on windows machine. Like Incoming and outgoing server, username , encrypted password and account type(POP or IMAP). All information which I can collect from windows registry is in hex.

I want to extract same information for account which I have configured in thunderbird.

Is there any way to do this in windows?


Information about Thunderbird account is stored in plain text file at user profile


Passwords are stored under key3.db and signons.sqlite at same location, but those are somewhat encrytped.

  • Thank you bro.. It is very help full... is there any way to get ports define in outlook? because in windows registry I can get all account settings except port numbers for smtp, imap or POP accounts. – Yugendra Mar 4 '14 at 20:43

Nirsoft's MailPassView will extract account details from most common mail clients, including port numbers. Like all Nirsoft stuff it's a very useful little tool, although many anti-virus applications will detect it as 'Hack Tool' or 'Potentially Unwanted Program', for obvious reasons.

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