I've deployed a ruby on rails 4.0.3 application to a server that I've configured with the following likely relevant software:

  • Ubuntu 12.04.4 x64 server
  • Phusion Passenger 4.0.37
  • Apache 2.2.22
  • Ruby 2.0.0p353
  • Rails 4.0.3 / Capistrano 2.15.5 / Rake 10.1.1

Everything with the app seems to be working properly, with the exception of the rails application logging. My expectation is that everything application-specific should be written to the {Rails.root}/log/production.log file. However, everything seems to be being written to /var/log/apache2/error.log.

Here's an excerpt from the apache error.log to show what I mean:

App 1495 stdout: Started GET "/" for at 2014-03-08 17:26:04 -0500
App 1495 stdout: Processing by HomeController#index as HTML
App 1495 stdout:   Rendered home/index.html.erb within layouts/application (0.1ms)
App 1495 stdout:   Rendered layouts/_header.html.erb (2.0ms)
App 1495 stdout:   Rendered home/_auth.html.erb (0.4ms)
App 1495 stdout:   Rendered layouts/_footer.html.erb (0.1ms)
App 1495 stdout: Completed 200 OK in 9ms (Views: 5.8ms | ActiveRecord: 0.0ms)

I find it interesting that the log/production.log even gets created, but nothing is being written to it.

Some things that I've looked into/verified:

  • RAILS_ENV=production
  • The {Rails.root}/config/environments/production.rb is set to all of the default values
  • My apache/passenger setup is mostly default, with the exception of having to add a virtualhost entry for my app, like so:
<VirtualHost *:80> 
        ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost 
        DocumentRoot /var/www/apps/myapp/current/public 
        RailsEnv production  
  • Permissions across all of the files in the rails app, appear to be good - and in desperation I tried to grant '777' permission to the log/production.log, to no avail.

I'll be happy to provide any other application configuration information or environment details upon request.

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    I have the exact same problem, any solution?
    – Eduard
    May 30, 2014 at 12:09
  • Unfortunately none yet.
    – Jon Worek
    Jun 6, 2014 at 0:09
  • Actually, I think this might have just been an issue with that version of rails. I just deployed a new rails app that is built on 4.1.1 and it's writing the log/production.log. Try upgrading your version of rails and see what happens. FYI, I also upgraded a few other components, but the most major change was rails. If it doesn't fix it for you, I'll provide specific versions for the other stuff in my environment.
    – Jon Worek
    Jun 6, 2014 at 1:48
  • I can confirm that upgrading to rails 4.1.1 solved the logs problem
    – Eduard
    Jun 9, 2014 at 16:17
  • In my case I face this problem on Rails 4.1.5. I upgraded to 4.1.6 without success.
    – Jodi
    Sep 19, 2014 at 20:44

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I had a similar situation. In my case a #{Rails.root}/config.ru included the line use Rails::Rack::LogTailer. This was causing all Rails logging to also be added to /var/log/apache2/error.log.

  • Did removing/modifying that line work or did you have to update your version like the OP referenced?
    – Foosh
    Nov 3, 2014 at 21:23

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