I installed Dropbox on my Windows machine, and when I first launched it, it asked me to enter my username and password. There was no checkbox asking whether I want Dropbox to remember my username and password, so I assume it is remembered by default. Is there a way to change this default behaviour so that Dropbox does not login automatically when I log into my account?

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No, there is not. The only thing that comes close is stopping Drop Box from starting automatically with your computer:

  • Right click the Dropbox status tray icon
  • Click the gear symbol at the top right
  • Click preferences
  • Uncheck Start Dropbox on system startup

You can simply download the files you need through their website and it won't remember you.

also this is maybe useful:

To "forget" your account on your machine -- right click the Dropbox icon in the task tray --> Preferences --? Account --> Unlink This Computer. (SnakeDoc.)

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