In the specifications of the Canon printers, such as PIXMA MG7150, it is said that we should not use papers that are too thick (weighing more than 28lb or 105g/m²), except for Canon genuine paper.

How serious is this? what happens if we use heavier non-Canon media? for example 215g/m² card stock?


What can go wrong?

  • Paper jam can occur and possibly damage the printer.
  • The paper may not move properly when printing, ruining your printout.

Canon paper probably doesn't have any unique or magical properties, it's just certified to work. That means that non-Canon paper may work, but you're trying it at your own responsibility.

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I was recently in the market for a new printer and pressed Canon tech support on this same question. They said that if the use of non-Canon media caused a jam or other problem that required service, it would not be considered a warranty repair. On that basis, I went with another brand.

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After having read in community blogs that 110 lb might work, I just printed 160 g/mm2 on my older but trusty Canon Pixma MP640 - using of course the rear tray. It worked well for a couple of sheets - although I did not test masses as they might leave more paper abrasives left in the printer.

The 160 g/mm2 (or gsm) would be equivalent to about 106 lb paper according to this source

Good luck !

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