See: enter image description here

As you see, for some reason the right side is smaller than the left side, eventhough the size should be the same. Can anyone help me deal with Word's stupidity?

  • Which equation are you referring to? I see one equation in the image, and obviously the right side should be bigger than the left side, as it is more complex. What tools have you used? The Equation Tools in Word 2007 do not normally produce things like this (e.g., it by defalt italicizes variables, as they should be here). – Jukka K. Korpela Mar 12 '14 at 20:27
  • @JukkaK.Korpela Right side, I used Equation Tools in Word – Phaptitude Mar 12 '14 at 20:28
  • @JukkaK.Korpela I think he's referring to the fact that the right side of the formula uses a smaller font than the left side. – Indrek Mar 12 '14 at 20:51
  • @Indrek, maybe, but the title says that the right side is bigger. And how was all this really created? – Jukka K. Korpela Mar 12 '14 at 21:27
  • @JukkaK.Korpela Title says so, yes, but the question itself says "the right side is smaller than the left side", so probably just a simple mistake on the OP's part. Fair question about the origin of that equation, though, I'd like to know that myself. – Indrek Mar 12 '14 at 22:04

You can aonly accomplish what you want by splitting your equation into 2 or more parts (sections) and create a separate equation for each part (section). Adjust the font size within each as you want to and then combine them on the same line of text.

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