Is there something like "autolearn" command/plugin for zsh?

By this I mean when I type command option option1 ... and zsh don't know about options for this particular command I want zsh to remember those options for future autocompletition so when I type command <tab> in future zsh completes with option1.


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I don't think there's anything like that present at the moment. Try searching for a plugin for a particular application instead, if it's widely used, high chance someone already wrote a plugin.

Alternatively, you can always write your own completion for your application and make it into a plugin:

Read up on it:




zsh-autosuggestions offers type-ahead completion.

For example, typing

command option
com <tab>

will offer mand option as a completion after the cursor in a muted gray color. The suggestion can be accepted by moving cursor through it.

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