I opened a document probably a month ago, and I forgot its location. I want to know if Windows keeps a history of files opened that could help me retrieve that file from a list of opened files sorted by date. Sort of like a log or history of opened files. Thanks.


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Such a log doesn't exist, unless you specifically turned on File/Folder auditing (which would report to the Windows Event logs).

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I looked up this thread because my wife was unable to find a word doc (.docx) that she knew she had edited that morning, but which someone else had moved. I was able to find it by doing search of the c drive for *.docx, and then sorting the results by date modified.

A similar approach could work for other file types, not so much for files in general.

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    The tricky part about this particular situation is that your wife did edit the file. Where the question asker opened the file, but didn't necessarily edit it. If they have a clue of the file name, then this sort of option may help them out. There is also a File/Folder auditing feature that will log these kinds of things in Windows Event Viewer, but that won't help for a past scenario if it was not enabled beforehand.
    – DrZoo
    Apr 21, 2016 at 20:06

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